Arkansas Drifter
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Enjoy Cowboy Action Shooting!
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We are a Cowboy Action Shooting Club affiliated with
the Single Action Shooting Society or
(SASS) so SASS rules apply. We shoot the second
and fourth Saturdays each month as well as the fifth
Saturday when they come around. We unlock the
gate about 8:00 A.M. The coffee pot is on.
Registration 9:30. Shooters meeting 9:45 Shoot at
10:00. We normally shoot three scenarios, break for
lunch and go back to shoot three more. Shooting
scenarios require single action revolvers, lever or
pump action rifles in a pistol caliber, and double
barrel, lever or 1897 pump action shotguns.
What Is Cowboy Action Shooting?
Jo Jo Pepper watches Riley Roy at the
loading table while Strongbox Bill
waits to shoot
It's a game of fantasy gunfighting from the wild and woolly days of the Old West. The three styles of firearms are those most
typical of the American Frontier from about 1860 until about 1899.

Large targets give a satisfying "ping" when hit and the "stages" are set with different patterns of shooting for rifles, revolvers and
shotguns. There's movement and challenges like pendulums, and swinging bartenders. Shooters compete at all levels of skill
and there are participants from 10 years old to 90 years old. And ladies can be just as good as the men!

Clothing and accouterments from the Old West era, the turn of the century and the Silver Screen Cowboy films are worn.
Costuming adds to the atmosphere of fun. It's amazing how many good outfits come from second hand shops and flea markets!

Participants also have alias' like Pasture Patty, Ozark Outlaw, Sister Sundance and Christmas Kid. There's something magical
about developing a shooting skill while disguised and with a fictitious name. Hitting the most targets in the least time is the goal,
but looking good and having fun is essential.

Put on your jeans, hat and boots and come join the fun! Its one of the few sports where people laugh at their "mistakes."
Just Enuff Jean
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501-362-2963 and ask for:                 
Ozark Red
or  Ozark Outlaw
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